Buying Vs. Adopting A Puppy

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You may have been scouring the Internet and local newspaper, looking for the perfect puppy. Maybe you decided that you would want to buy one, as they may be purebred, and let’s face it, in modern society, buying is always considered the first option when you’re getting something into your life.

The question is: CAN YOU BUY A LIFE?!

When it comes to deciding between buying and adopting a puppy, the scales bend towards ADOPTING. And here’s why…

Shelters Have Almost All The Breeds You Could Possibly Need

Shelters are constantly bringing in strays and abandoned dogs. People who find dogs on the street or those that feel that they are unable to take of them anymore hand them over to these places that are already over-crowded with mutts. If you’re looking for a puppy from popular breeds such as a Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Mastiff, etc. then the first place you should head to is a Shelter. Adoption charges are at their minimum as compared to buying and in all probability you will be able to take home a purebred.

You Will Be Saving A Life

If you read stories and watch documentaries about what happens to puppies in shelters, you will face two of these reactions for sure: first, you will be speechless. You will be shocked. If you are the emotional kind, you will have to wipe off a couple of tears. But most certainly, you will be appalled. Second, you will be angry. But that is a good thing, because then you will be determined to make a difference and save a life. Here is a gist of what happens when a dog is surrendered to a shelter.

They will accept the dog into their care and keep the pup for 72 hours up to a week. During this time, it is stored in a cage, confused and all alone. Other shelter dogs surround them, howling and barking. With little space to move around or sleep soundly, a dog will be made to do his business and eat in the same space. They are not bathed nor taken for regular walks, and when the cage is dirty, they are sprayed with a powerful hose, with little to no concern for drying them after the deed is done. If the dog is not “useful”, like if there is a likelihood that it will not be adopted, or if it grows sick, then the dog is taken to a room and killed through lethal injection. End of an extremely story.

Here is a moving video to educate you on exactly what happens at a shelter: The Sad Truth Behind Animal Shelters

So before you think about buying a dog, save and nurture a life in your loving home.

It Will Be Cheaper

Dogs that are bought are usually manufactured in a puppy farm. Because it is a specialised environment breeding a limited number of pups, the cost is much higher than if you choose to adopt. These days there is news of “over population” of dogs, so instead of encouraging breeding, why not adopt a puppy that has already been brought to life in this world? Shelters and other animal homes charge a minimum amount for you to take your pet home with you. Also, they neuter and vaccinate the little things as part of procedure. So go ahead and make the right and cost-friendly decision to adopt.

Many Options With Adoption

So another great point about adopting is that you don’t need to bring the puppy home. There are many shelters that let you sponsor one or more dogs for life. You can visit when you like to see the life you nurtured being brought up with care. You may be busy with work or don’t think that you can afford to have a furry friend at home, but your love for dogs makes you want to take some responsibility over their lives. So you can head to the local shelter or check online and there will be places for donating in general or distance adoption. You will be sent pictures and reports updating you on the progress of your puppy. You will be doing your bit to make the dog world a better place.

Not Much Difference Between Adopting and Buying

At the end of the day, your heart just longs to nurture a puppy’s life. Your love of dogs should overtake the decision of buying or adopting, because once this life is yours, there is no going back. So adopt because you will know that you saved a puppy and didn’t buy its affection. The rewards are tremendous!

If you have any comments or stories about how successful you were at adopting a puppy and how much you enjoy it being a part of your life now, please share it with us and encourage others to do the same!



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