• Out Of The Pit – Dog Fighting in Chicago (pit bull documentary)
• Off The Chain
• Underground Dog Fights 2014


This is a British ad about how drug lords are now using dogs as drug mules to transport life-harming substances like cocaine around the world. The ad has its sense of dark British humor, but the matter isn’t funny at all. After there have been numerous busts of human drug mules around the world (haven’t we all seen Nat Geo’s Banged Up Abroad et al?), these dastardly traffickers are now using canines to haul their stash across the globe. You see, dogs do not have voices, they cannot confess and help their lords get busted for peddling coke, their lives don’t matter if they are detected at international airports and neither do their lives matter when their stomachs are viciously cut open and packets of drugs fall out. Humanity has fallen to its lowest.

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