Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

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Every dog lover, animal aficionado, or a human with a heart would have watched this movie and cried their eyes out. The story of a dog who remained loyal to his master through his life and even after his death pulled at everyone’s heartstrings because it was real and true. The film stars Richard Gere at the lead role and a cameo by a skunk. And yes, you need some tissues by your side towards the end of the flick.


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This Hollywood film may not have done brilliantly at the box office, but if there is a story about a dog, then you just have to love it! It’s a story about a superhero Beagle who saves the day and like the true and tested Hollywood formula, good overcomes evil. No matter what the heartless critics say, if you are insanely in love with the Beagle breed, then you need to watch this movie.


Marley & Me


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A movie about the best-selling book starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson that had all fans of the book eager to watch their favorite dog on the big screen. The book is hands down the better version of the story, but the movie as well as funny moments. But seriously, who can resist sand color Labradors? It’s a light version of the insanely funny story of the world’s worst dog.


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If you were a person growing up in the 90s and onwards, the first dog movie you would have seen was Lassie. It doesn’t really have a fascinating story to it, but it was one of the earliest franchises about a dog. Lassie is a big cuddly dog with the softest heart. When you watch this movie, you are sure to decide that come what may, you will own your own furry pet and you will name that pet Lassie. A beloved classic tale that has lived on through the decades.

101 Dalmations

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This movie was every child’s puppy dream come true. We keep watching movies about a dog, a puppy or maybe two. But imagine 101 fur balls scurrying over the screen! The movie will live on because the storyline was so relevant and funny and just 101% perfect!

Turner And Hooch

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This tale about man and his best friend doesn’t have such a happy ending and a much sadder end. But the parts sandwiched in between are just the best. Tom Hanks plays the dashing Turner who has a dog by the name of Hooch who has to be the sole witness to a crime committed Both create a bond as the film goes on and it left every little boy out there begging to get his own companion for life.

Really, Hollywood Loves Dogs – Dog Movies that can be watched by anyone, from the young to the old and always have positive story lines that will move your heart!

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