So you have decided that you want to adopt a puppy. There is nothing that can take you away from this decision and you are hell-bent on getting the perfect pet who is going to be your and your family’s companion for life. In your mind’s eye you have pictured those puppy-dog eyes lovingly peeking up at you and maybe floppy ears and a cute little tail that never ceases to thump whenever you are around. You want that mate to play with you whenever you are in the mood for a romp and obey your every beck and call and maybe perform tricks to entertain your amused friends. No doubt, you want a furry four-legged best friend,

As human beings, we are wired to want, seek what we want and get what we want. That is fine when you are making the decision for yourself. But you also need to remember that when it comes to adopting a puppy, you are also taking charge and responsibility of another life; a little being who is putting himself or herself completely in your hands and is expecting you to give them the best care and attention that you could ever give. Your puppy is depending on you to give it a loving home and in return will shower you with unconditional love and sloppy kisses.

Here are a few tips to pick the best puppy for you:


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  1.      Size of Your Home

Depending on the breed of puppy you plan to adopt, it is suggested that you first look at the size of your own home. Smaller breeds like a Pug or Jack Russell Terrier may not need a big space and would do well in an apartment, but those that are bigger and need a lot of space to exercise and run require a backyard. No doubt you will be considerate to the needs of your puppy, so a good choice before actually picking your pet is to first check the size of your buddy’s new abode.

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  1.      Size of Your Family

Another important factor that goes into picking your puppy is the size of your family. Are you single? Do you have children? What are their ages? Are there any old members living with you? What is the general temperament of your family? Do any of them have allergies? And so on and so forth. It is imperative that you discuss various breeds with your loved ones because they too need to live with your furry companion for a long time.  There are rambunctious breeds like Labradors, Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers et al and then there are the somber breeds like the Great Dane, Bulldog, Rottweiler, et cetera that would not appreciate being disturbed during their nap time.

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  1.      Area You Live In

Do you live in a hot or cold environment? What are the seasons like? Is your neighborhood pet friendly? Is there a place for your puppy to just go wild and frolic in the openness? Adopting a pup is a tough decision, one that will reap unbelievable joy like no other asset you own, but you also need to think of the needs of your dog as well as the neighbors around. For example, if you adopt a large dog that barks as loud as a police siren, then you’re in for trouble at a quiet neighborhood. With regard to your pet, if you live in a warm climate then it is just cruel to adopt a Siberian Husky as the poor thing would be panting the whole day long! Think wisely.

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  1.      Your Budget

In this day and age, unless you are related to a Hilton and can afford a pooch for whom expenses run into thousands of dollars a month, you need to budget in your pet so that you can give them a comfortable life without starving yourself in the bargain. It’s a good thing your dog doesn’t need school supplies and a separate college fund, so all you need is money for food and hygiene supplies! And of course, that occasional visit to the vet for mandatory vaccines and such. For a Labrador Retriever expenses would not be exorbitant, but for a poodle or a furry pup, it would be more because you have to regularly maintain their flowing mane. To sum it up, smaller the size of the dog and shorter the length of fur, smaller would be your budget.

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  1.      How Much Love You’re Willing To Give

Sorry, but this shouldn’t even be an option. All that can be said is that your care will be reciprocated with unconditional love, puppy-dog eyes and a whole lot of tail wagging. Dogs are the most loyal beings to walk the face of the earth and even a little bit of attention from your end will result in them willing to give their lives to get a minute of behind-the-ear scratching and coddling. Don’t we all absolutely love it when we think we are done petting our pets and then they nudge us with their wet muzzle for another round of stroking? How could anyone resist that?! Your puppy is just an infant who needs attention like any other living being. If you decide to get one home, do not hold back on all the pampering you can provide because in the end, it’s a helpless little life in your hands.