Swansea Jack

There was a black Labrador Retriever by the name of Jack who lived in the Swansea area of Wales. It is said that he once saved a boy from drowning. When the lad went into town to relay the story, no one really believed him, but then stories starting cropping up again and again about the hero dog who kept pulling people back to shore when they were drowning. He was given several accolades, and to this day there is a statue that stands proud in Jack’s beloved memory.

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A fascinating story from Down Under is that of Dasher the German Shepherd who stood guard next to the toddler of his owner. For over 4 hours, the loyal dog waited by the side of the child who had strayed from his home and wandered into the bushes. When searchers found the toddler, there was Dasher loyally standing guard!

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The French Savior

Another tale that proves that dogs are really man’s best friends is about a woman in France who wanted to commit suicide. She was raising the pistol to her head, when her dog began to nudge against her, in an apparent desperate attempt to lower the gun. The woman was brought back to her senses and decided to give life a chance, if only for the sake of her beloved pet.

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The Icebreaker

Here is another story of the great love that dogs have for their masters. An elderly man hunting ducks along with his pup when he tragically fell through the thin ice on the frozen river. While help was on its way, the loyal dog stayed by the man’s side, calming him down and being a source of reassurance. Not once did the canine leave his side, even though it took a significant amount of time for the rescuers to bring him to safety. Also, the pooch barked several times to help rescuers spot his owner.

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The Best Story Ever!

Saving the best for last, here is an amazing story that could convert any non-believer in the sheer awesomeness of dogs. A blind computer technician who was working on the 70th floor of one of the World Trade Center Towers on that fateful day of 11th September, when the hijacked plan slammed into the building. He encouraged his assistance dog, Dorado to go ahead and save himself, because he really felt there was no escape for him, what with all the smoke and heat and people running around. Chaos was everywhere. He felt he was really alone because he thought Dorado had run off without him. A few minutes later, he felt the nudge of his beloved dog who refused to leave without him. To cut a long story short, this man and the faithful Dorado made it to safety and he says he owes his life to the dog who stood by him literally through thick and thin.

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