Click here to see the complete short video made by Conscious Action Network for Animal Aid Unlimited:

This is a United States-based organization that has stretched out its loving arms all the way to Udaipur India, where they take care of abandoned street animals, including dogs and bring them back to health. As you might be aware, Indian streets are flooded with street animals that on a daily basis face danger from vermin and humans alike and most of the time do not live a peaceful existence that they deserve.

Started by Jim and Claire Abrams-Myers in 2002, this organization has worked tirelessly to make the lives of these animals and better by providing medical care, a clean place to live and good food to eat. When you visit this place, you will immediately notice the high standards they imbibe to keep the area clean and odor-free. Animals are treated lovingly by workers and volunteers alike.

Seriously, this place is like no other. Volunteers from around the world visit this location and help with the work and this is welcomed. However, in order to make this awesome place survive, you need to extend your financial help as well. Donate here: You can visit this organization at Udaipur or contact them at: