Any decent human being is going to gag or outright throw up after watching this video. The fact is that no matter how gruesome it is, this isn’t a B-grade horror movie – this is reality, disgusting as it may be.

China is known for many things and one of the reasons their economy does so well (apart from over-population and controlling governmental system) is that they manufacture items at a fraction of the cost that commercialist Western countries do. What you have at the end of the day are good quality products, profit-seeking retailers and ignorant customers who could all give a damn about how their product came to be.

If you didn’t watch the video or you were too turned off to complete the entire 1:58 minute hell, then let’s just break it down for you – dogs are brutally dragged into a bloodied room, before they can even comprehend what’s happening, they are beat on the head brutally till they are unconscious, then their throats are slit, followed by them being skinned and their fur converted to “leather” that people buy in the form of gloves, coats, jackets and other such accessories. The difference in skin origination doesn’t really count, as the processed result serves its purpose.

There are people who will argue that we are being hypocrites advocating against dog slaughter, when we happily chew our steaks and much on KFC. It’s actually not about the animals being used as by-products for humans, but rather the treatment that leads up to their death. Imagine watching from another room as your fellow furry prisoners are bludgeoned before you and you watch in fear as the line grows shorter, the stench of blood in the air, the sound of whimpering emanating from the death chamber. And then it’s your turn to be barbarically murdered with no consequences to the per-“pet”-rators.

You may ask what can be done but to watch the video, weep like a banshee, puke and forget about it because “there is nothing that you can do”. Oh, but there is – you can not purchase items that you know are some form of animal-origin leather and manufactured in a grey Eastern area.

To understand exactly what the hell was going on in the video and investigate further, CLICK HERE.

If you want to take it a step further and be a true warrior for the rights of animals and end this atrocity and modern day barbarianism, contribute towards People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): PETA Official